Bianca – Xmas Bunny – 106 pics – 82.92 MB

2020 is without a doubt a very special year for me as I recently bought my very first house! Yay! And to celebrate this exciting life achievement, I decided to have my traditional Christmas photo shoots photographed at my new place instead my studio. And now that I think of it, the very first shoot that take place at my new home is actually the very last shoot of the year, how cool is that, hun?!
And now my kinky friend, get ready to be super spoiled as I do have a huge treat for you. You have waited years for it but the wait is finally over as at last, I present to you my latex Jessica Rabbit cosplay shoot! Woot woot! Custom made by Polymorphe, this unique Jessica Rabbit latex dress is the bomb! Well actually, I’m the bomb! Dangerous curves ahead watch out! What can I say? “I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way”. :-p
And as for my glam Christmas shoot, this year I opted to go for a posh deluxe look. Wearing my white faux fur top and red shiny pants, I look ultra fine and definitely leaning more toward the naughty side than the good side. Expect some very hot butt closeups :-p
So now just sit back and enjoy the magic of my kinky Holidays! And merrrryyyyyy Christmas to you my loyal fan!!!!

Photoset name: Xmas Bunny
Number of pictures: 106
Resolution: 3500×2334
Resolution: 2146×3500
File size: 82.92 MB