Vintage Lady Erika – Peeing in the Convertible of his Ex – 5995 – 96 pics – 28.98 MB

Vintage Lady Erika – Peeing in the Convertible of his Ex

One of my members is into pee and he asked me if I could just piss in his ex-wife’s convertible. So in the morning I put on a sheer summer dress and high-heeled sling pumps and off I went. Herbert had borrowed her car and the game could start. Herbert wanked in the background: “It is so cool when my unsuspecting ex later sits in her car that you previously used

Photoset name: 5995
Number of pictures: 96
Resolution: 2150×1076
Resolution: 946×2212
File size: 28.98 MB


Lady Lena – Walk over the Alley – 5981 – 83 pics – 54.32 MB

Lady Lena – Walk over the Alley

Lady Lena walks today with holdup stockings and red pumps on an avenue in the South of Krefeld. Initially, she wears yet a beige trench coat over her sexy lingerie. Maybe it´s too warm for her, because later she is just naked, only in stockings and red high-heels. An exciting woman!

Photoset name: 5981
Number of pictures: 83
Resolution: 3000×1996
Resolution: 2062×3058
File size: 54.32 MB


Lady Katinka – NylonSlut in the Car – 5912 – 61 pics – 18.81 MB

Lady Katinka – NylonSlut in the Car

Lady Katinka lies in sheer, navy blue nylonstockings with lace and delicate strappy sandals in the back of the car on the folded bed. The blonde secretary shows you how can book her for foot sex in parking lots. On request, she also wears a black full face mask, so that you can fully concentrate on your feet. With nylons, with shoes or just naked.

Photoset name: 5912
Number of pictures: 61
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 2066×3044
File size: 18.81 MB


Lady Tamara – The Garden Statue – 5957 – 83 pics – 45.98 MB

Lady Tamara – The Garden Statue

In Grandpa Henri’s garden, Tamara is supposed to sit on a tree stump in a thin silk dress, sheer nylons and silver mules with plateau to be the garden statue for him. While the pensioner touches his pants in the background, he gives instructions to Tamara. She should e.g. kiss her long, red varnished toenails or spread her legs and show her juicy cunt.

Photoset name: 5957
Number of pictures: 83
Resolution: 3000×1956
Resolution: 1405×3058
File size: 45.98 MB


Lady Barbara – Outdoor Rhinestone Mules – 5973 – 83 pics – 56.96 MB

Lady Barbara – Outdoor Rhinestone Mules

I had already put on a thick jacket in the ugly weather, but I still felt cold on my feet. In a commercial area near Düsseldorf I am supposed to have my picture taken in a transparent blouse and platform mules. So I put on my jeans and a white lace blouse and completely new black / gold glitter mules. So I walked around the front of an office building and was photographed. Did my client work there?

Photoset name: 5973
Number of pictures: 83
Resolution: 3000×1364
Resolution: 883×3058
File size: 56.96 MB


Lady Barbara – Breastrings at the Old Castle – 5999 – 76 pics – 37.59 MB

Lady Barbara – Breastrings at the Old Castle

With strong breast rings under my bikini top, a pair of hot pants and high heeled wooden designer mules (from Gianmarco Lorenzi) I am posing in front of an old castle in Spain. I love to wear the tight rubber rings around my big balloon boobs, it´s a great feeling. Especially when I feel that someone could come at any moment and watch me.

Photoset name: 5999
Number of pictures: 76
Resolution: 3000×868
Resolution: 675×3054
File size: 37.59 MB


Lady Ewa + Michaela – With Heelsfriend Ewa – 5998 – 105 pics – 39.77 MB

Lady Ewa + Michaela – With Heelsfriend Ewa

When the Lady is visiting Michaelas Boutique, the two Ladies became friends because Michaela also likes high heels very much. She was fascinated from the 18cm high heeled goldpumps of the Lady and began to play with her, no matter wether the people couls seee her through the shopwi

Photoset name: 5998
Number of pictures: 105
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 2066×3044
File size: 39.77 MB


Lady Ewa – Home Visit – 5997 – 120 pics – 36.80 MB

Lady Ewa – Home Visit

Private M.D. Mueller visited Lady Ewa, who had just completed a photo shoot in the garden. Still on the terrace the doctor works out his investigation bank and the Polish Goddess must undergo a health check directly in lingerie and nylons. Incl. 6min. HD-Video of the examination.

Photoset name: 5997
Number of pictures: 120
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 1821×3052
File size: 36.80 MB


Lady Ewa – Lady in Pink – 5996 – 122 pics – 62.84 MB

Lady Ewa – Lady in Pink

Lady Ewa poses on her green monster jeep at Kaarster See near Neuss in a pink dress, sheer light brown tights and 16cm high pumps. There the hot Polish girl is often in the back row where most of the voyeurs are and has fun making the horny guys even more hot. Every now and then she lets herself be tempted to do a hand job or they can grope her big boobs.

Photoset name: 5996
Number of pictures: 122
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 2035×3062
File size: 62.84 MB


Lady Michaela – Michaela´s Summerdress – 5994 – 134 pics – 55.12 MB

Lady Michaela – Michaela´s Summerdress

In today’s update, sexy boutique owner Michaela shows off two of her summer dresses from the new collection and, of course, also shows what she normally wears underneath in summer: nothing. The horny Polish Lady wears black designer boots with her dresses. Take a close look at her hot big boobs and her big buttocks in beautiful poses.

Photoset name: 5994
Number of pictures: 134
Resolution: 3000×1941
Resolution: 1672×3052
File size: 55.12 MB


Lady Ewa – Slave + Sandal Mistress – 5993 – 167 pics – 72.90 MB

Lady Ewa – Slave + Sandal Mistress

Slave Werner from Hanover gets to feel the full program of Polish Lady Ewa. First he has to kiss the sexy blonde’s sandal feet, then crawl in front of her on all four. After the slave got to feel her whip, he had to jerk all his semen on the bright red polished toes of the Mistress.

Photoset name: 5993
Number of pictures: 167
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 1933×3044
File size: 72.90 MB


Lady Ewa – 18 cm High Heeld Goldpumps – 5992 – 88 pics – 53.42 MB

Lady Ewa – 18 cm High Heeld Goldpumps

Lady Ewa is walking through a forest on the search for a picnic area where voyeurs should be. When she found the place, she sits with an elegant costume, ultra sheer nylons and 18cm high-heeled gold pumps on a stone bench and smokes a cigarette. For the wankers creeping around, she opens her labia with her long, red-polished nails.

Photoset name: 5992
Number of pictures: 88
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 2062×3044
File size: 53.42 MB


Lady Barbara – Red Sandals – 5991 – 60 pics – 38.84 MB

Lady Barbara – Red Sandals

Today I show you in nice close-ups my stocking feet in 16cm high strappy sandals. See how the sheer nylon fabric stretches over my long toenails. The thin straps of the shoes hurt hurt my toes when I am walking in the shoes. If you don’t believe that, you should try it yourself. So these shoes are more for my “masochistic days”.

Photoset name: 5991
Number of pictures: 60
Resolution: 3000×2088
Resolution: 1515×2316
File size: 38.84 MB


Lady Ewa – LegLady in Town – 5990 – 76 pics – 30.51 MB

Lady Ewa – LegLady in Town

In a half-transparent lace top that shows her white bra, and a short skirt that shows the welt of her stocking, Lady Ewa is tottering on this summer’s day through the city in Duesseldorf. On her feet, the racy Polish wears patent leather pumps with 16 cm high heels. The longer she goes, the more her cramped toes are hurting in the tight shoes.

Photoset name: 5990
Number of pictures: 76
Resolution: 2585×1852
Resolution: 1244×3052
File size: 30.51 MB


Lady Heike – Housewife on Wanker´s Parking – 5989 – 121 pics – 76.51 MB

Lady Heike – Housewife on Wanker´s Parking

In a parking lot, the elegant high-heeled Lady Ewa is showing the naked housewife Heike to some wankers on a chain and let the slut kiss her shoes. Before “Boobs-Heike” has to kneel in front of the wanking voyeurs, she is allowed to drink something from a dog bowl. For the amusement of the men present.

Photoset name: 5989
Number of pictures: 121
Resolution: 3000×2000
Resolution: 1498×3054
File size: 76.51 MB