Auntjudys – 2020-09-16 – Josephine Lingerie And Silk Robe Pussy Play – 164 Pics – 632.79 Mb

Curvy brunette MILF Josephine is all done up with her silk robe, barely hiding her elegant lacy black and green lingerie, thigh high black stockings, garter belt, and black high heel shoes. Smiling and stripping out of the robe, she teases you with her ass and slips the panties to the side for a quick look at her shaved and pierced 50+ pussy. Off comes the bra and out comes her huge natural tits and big beautiful areola, before leaning back and kicking her high heels into the air to spread, rub, and finger fuck her pussy with big moaning smiles

Photoset name: 2020-09-16_Josephine_Lingerie_and_Silk_Robe_Pussy_Play
Number of pictures: 164
Resolution: 6000×4000
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Auntjudys – 2020-08-26 – Molly Sexy Lingerie, Robe Strip And Masturbation – 173 Pics – 840.77 Mb

Busty, curvy blonde Molly is in her elegant black silk robe, barely covering her knockout combination of lacy red & black bra & panties, plus black thigh-high stockings and garter belt, topped off with black high heels. She gives you an intimate tour of her body from her huge natural MILF tits, to her curvy frame, to her bountiful ass, to her shaved smooth hairless mature pussy, playing and groping all along the way

Photoset name: 2020-08-26_Molly_Sexy_Lingerie,_Robe_Strip_and_Masturbation
Number of pictures: 173
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Resolution: 4000×6000
File size: 840.77 MB


Auntjudys – 2020-06-03 – Naughty Housewife Beau Stockings And Lingerie Striptease And Masturbation

Your lovely housewife, the busty Redhead Beau, is all dressed up for an evening in with you. In her black dress, high heels, and pantyhose, she’s ready to put on a show for you. After lowering the dress, she models black & blue lingerie and garter belt, bending over to smack her ass for you, then pulling her bra just far enough to the sides to flash a little bit of each nipple and then pinching them for you. She ends up lying spread-legged in her chair, panties off but heels and pantyhose on to finger fuck her shaved mature pussy for you with a smile

Photoset name: 2020-06-03_Naughty_Housewife_Beau_Stockings_and_Lingerie_Striptease_and_Masturbation
Number of pictures: 143
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Resolution: 4000×6000
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LegalPorno – 2019-07-13 – Dee Williams – Psycho Doctor Anal Sex Therapy

Photoset name: 2019-07-13_Dee_Williams
Number of pictures: 101
Resolution: 2592×1728
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File size: 82.86 MB


DoctorAdventures – 2019-06-28 – Angela White – Firsthand Experience

Angela White is a renowned medical practitioner and the envy of all her peers. Having successfully completed over ten thousand procedures, it’s clear to say that there is no patient too ill that Angela can’t save. When Markus Dupree checks himself in with a strange, pain in his lower regions, Angela sees an opportunity to show her students how to properly assess and treat a patient… and have a little fun in the process!

Photoset name: 2019-06-28_Angela_White_-_Firsthand_Experience
Number of pictures: 332
Resolution: 2495×1663
Resolution: 1663×2495
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RealWifeStories – 2019-06-18 – Lisa Ann – Please Take Me Back

Lisa Ann is not a woman you want to fuck with! When she catches her husband, Charles, cheating, she drop him like a hot potato. Charles begs to be taken back but Lisa has already moved on. He’s going to have to prove himself if he wants another chance with the goddess. Lisa teases him with her body and makes him work for it. Can Charles please his wife and convince her to take him back? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Photoset name: 2019-06-18_Lisa_Ann_-_Please_Take_Me_Back
Number of pictures: 286
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MyFriendsHotMom – 2019-06-08 – Diamond Foxx – Mrs. Culver Showers With And Fucks Son`s Friend

Mrs. Culver is hanging out at home when her son’s friend stops by, her son is out at the moment but his friend really needs to jump in the shower. Mrs. Culver lets her son’s friend use the shower and while bringing him a towel she discovers that he has a huge dick! She can’t pass up a dick that good so she takes matters into her hands and fucks her son’s friend.

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Number of pictures: 306
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MilfsLikeItBig – 2019-06-08 – Beau Diamond – Antique Road Blow

Beau Diamonds is the owner of ZZ Antiques, but her store isn’t quite as busy as it used to be. When Danny D and his wife show up, Beau gets a jolt of excitement at the prospect of seducing Danny, who couldn’t care less about vintage items or furniture. Danny, though, is immediately taken aback by Beau’s overt teasing after he discovers a trunk full of sex toys. This emboldens Beau to seduce Danny behind his wife’s back, and when Danny’s wife is told about a back room filled with untold treasures, her preoccupation with finding the perfect item gives Beau and Danny ample alone time.

Photoset name: 2019-06-08_Beau_Diamond_-_Antique_Road_Blow
Number of pictures: 215
Resolution: 2495×1663
Resolution: 1663×2495
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AlettaOceanLive – 2019-05-24 – Aletta Ocean – Solo 95

Photoset name: 2019-05-24_Aletta_Ocean_-_ Solo_95
Number of pictures: 78
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Bigcockbully – 2019-04-19 – Alexis Fawx – Alexis Fawx Gets Bulled With A Big Black Cock

Alexis Fawx’s daughter is getting bullied by a kid in school so as a good parent she goes to talk to the bully’s dad and he has some massive dick energy and he will not be able to help her daughter until he gets that big black dick energy out.

Photoset name: 2019-04-19_Alexis_Fawx_-_Alexis_Fawx_Gets_Bulled_With_A_Big_Black_Cock
Number of pictures: 300
Resolution: 2500×1667
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AlettaOceanLive – 2019-03-29 – Aletta Ocean – Foot Fetish Solo Scene

Photoset name: 2019-03-29_Aletta_Ocean
Number of pictures: 115
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Bianca Beauchamp – Wicked Fox – 2017-02


Photoset name: Bianca_Beauchamp_-_Wicked_Fox_-_2017-02
Number of pictures: 110
Resolution: 3000×2002
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Bianca Beauchamp – Waterfall in Love – 2017-04


Photoset name: Bianca_Beauchamp_-_Waterfall_in_Love_-_2017-04
Number of pictures: 107
Resolution: 3000×2001
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Bianca Beauchamp – Versailles


Photoset name: Bianca_Beauchamp_-_Versailles
Number of pictures: 62
Resolution: 3500×2250
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Bianca Beauchamp – Valley of Fire – 2017-03


Photoset name: Bianca_Beauchamp_-_Valley_of_Fire_-_2017-03
Number of pictures: 99
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